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Courtney Paige is a self taught artist, and a member of the international high IQ society known as MENSA. In progress of a bachelors of arts degree from Baylor University of Waco, TX. She picked up her artisan brushes for the first time in November 2014,  and has progressed into various mediums of art.  Most of her paintings are predominantly oil, but some of her series are in acrylic, and still others represent in different art forms such as collage.  In poetic verse “When the child is born, the mother is also born, she never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new” – Osho

So tells, the story of an artist……. The story of one who’s purpose is found in creating a place of existence for imaginative expression, the thought that gives life to hope… the world inside of her mind.




Courtney Paige Adams is a renaissance woman and an artist of versatility expressing her artwork in paintings that range from expressionism to abstract, and even surrealism. Inspired by artists such as Picasso and Lisa Frank . Her earliest pursuits involved interior decorating and murals, which led to an inclined interest in visual arts. Although, she had been involved with art in various environments throughout her life, She finally began experimenting in wet media, becoming a distinguished visual artisan in 2015 and selling her first works at a local farmers market.

Courtney Paige Adams is an expressionist and poet



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To contact Courtney for commissions and other art projects please email artbyourtneypaige@gmail.com or contact her via facebook www.facebook.com.artbycourtneypaige11336959_1655293548040092_7086550986370606612_o

You can also follow @artbycourtneypaige !



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